Beecher’s Magazine

Beecher’s Magazine is open for submissions until February 14, 2018.

For fiction submissions, they say, “We want quality fiction that deploys sharp detail, unique and complex characters, beautiful language, and a memorable voice. We want stories of literary quality and encourage fantastic, speculative, and weird literature. Most importantly, though, we want submissions that tell an interesting, engrossing story that lingers with the reader long after it ends. ​Send us your most imaginative and challenging writing in ​4,000 words or less.” Submit one story at a time.

They’re also looking for “poetry that pulls us—poems that enact and create motion. We want your resistance. Send us your uninhibited experiments and curations. Send us your personal mythologies. We’re especially interested in underrepresented voices; tell us what you have to say.” Submit 1–5 poems with no more than 10 pages in total. Additionally, they ask that you submit no more than once per reading period.

Finally, for non fiction submissions, “We love being challenged and surprised, both in content and in form. We are looking for pieces that push us to see through a particular lens and experience otherwise underrepresented perspectives. We are especially drawn to pieces that challenge the boundaries of the genre, incorporate fictional and poetic elements, and make us question how “creative” nonfiction can be. As far as length, we prefer under 4,000 words.”