Waiting for Angie

Posted 05/09/2017

August 2017 Contest Winner Lynn Love is a florist, blogger and novelist-in-training living in Bristol, UK. When she’s not writing blog posts and being distracted by the internet, she’s tripping over ghosts and demons in her current Urban Fantasy novel. She has written three other as yet unpublished novels, won and been shortlisted in several […]

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The Lighthouse

Posted 17/08/2017

July 2017 Contest Winner Sharon Frame Gay grew up a child of the highway, playing by the side of the road. She has been published in several anthologies, as well as BioStories, Gravel Magazine, Fiction on the Web, Literally Stories, Halcyon Days, Fabula Argentea, Persimmon Tree, Write City, Literally Orphans, Indiana Voice Journal, Luna Luna, Crannog […]

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