Exploring International Writing Opportunities and Programs 

Exploring International Writing Opportunities and Programs 

In the interconnected world of today, opportunities for writers extend far beyond geographic boundaries. Whether you’re a budding wordsmith seeking development programs, internships, or scholarships, or an experienced writer in search of international jobs, the global landscape offers a plethora of avenues to explore. In this blog post, we’ll dive into various examples of international writing opportunities that cater to different stages of a writer’s career.

Development Programs:

For writers looking to enhance their skills and expand their horizons, various development programs cater to different genres and levels of expertise. One notable example is the International Writing Program (IWP) at the University of Iowa. This program brings together writers from around the world for a unique literary residency, fostering a diverse and collaborative environment.


Internships provide hands-on experience and valuable insights into the world of writing. Organisations like UNESCO and international publishing houses often offer writing internships. For instance, the United Nations offers internships in their communication and editorial departments, providing an opportunity to work on impactful global projects.


Many institutions and organisations offer scholarships to support writers in pursuing their craft. The Elizabeth George Foundation, for instance, provides emerging writers with scholarships to attend writing programs, workshops, or complete specific projects. Researching and applying for such scholarships can be a stepping stone for writers aiming to elevate their skills and gain exposure.

International Writing Competitions:

Participating in international writing competitions is an excellent way of promoting your talent and gaining some recognition on a global scale. The Caine Prize for African Writing and the Commonwealth Short Story Prize are examples of prestigious competitions that celebrate and reward outstanding writers from diverse backgrounds.

Global Fellowships:

Fellowship programs offer writers the opportunity to immerse themselves in a conducive environment for creativity and growth. The Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative, for instance, pairs emerging writers with established mentors, providing a year of collaboration and mentorship in a cross-cultural setting.

International Writing Residencies:

Writers seeking a dedicated time and space to work on their projects can explore international writing residencies. The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in Canada, for example, hosts residencies that bring together writers from various disciplines for focused and uninterrupted work in a stunning natural setting.

Content Creation Opportunities:

For writers interested in content creation, platforms like World Pulse offer opportunities to contribute stories on a global scale. World Pulse aims to amplify the voices of women worldwide, providing a platform for writers to share their narratives and make an impact through storytelling.

Global Writing Jobs:

For writers looking to turn their passion into a profession, international writing jobs are abundant. Websites like ProBlogger and Upwork connect writers with clients from around the world seeking content creation, copywriting, and other writing services. Freelancing platforms offer the flexibility to work remotely while contributing to global projects.

Online Writing Communities:

Engaging with online writing communities opens doors to a wealth of opportunities. The Write Practice, for instance, offers writing challenges, courses, and a supportive community for writers to connect and grow. These communities provide networking opportunities, feedback, and a platform for you to promote your work to a global audience.


The world of international writing opportunities is vast and varied, offering avenues for writers at every stage of their careers. Whether you’re interested in development programs, internships, scholarships, competitions, or jobs, the global landscape is rich with possibilities. By being proactive in seeking out these opportunities and actively engaging with the global writing community, writers can not only enhance their skills but also contribute their unique voices to the global conversation. Remember, the journey of a writer is a continuous exploration, and the world is waiting for your story to unfold.

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