How it Works

Study at any time, any place! Receive feedback from highly qualified tutors and experienced writers.

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Studying a creative writing class online gives you the flexibility to study and write at any place, at any time.

Your tutor will post a new lesson and assignment once a week, but you don’t need to be online at a specific day or time. You will still be able to view lessons from previous weeks, so you’ll never miss a class.

Easy to Use

The classes are delivered through an easy-to-use platform. You won’t need to do anything particularly technical.

All you really need is access to a computer and broadband! The class materials will include text lessons, reading recommendations, and weekly assignments. You’ll cover a different topic every week.

One-to-One Feedback

All of our tutors are highly qualified and experienced writers who are there to support you throughout the class.

The difference between our online classes and many other online classes is, it’s one-to-one. Your tutor will provide private written feedback on your weekly assignments, helping you to become a better writer.

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