Interested in Joining a Fantasy Writing Class?

Fantasy is one of the most popular genres in fiction; it transports readers to a distant fictional reality, whether it be a prehistoric land with dragons, or a futuristic space-age. If you are a fan of fantasy writing, and would like to learn how to start crafting your own fantasy worlds and characters, then The Writing District is the place you should come.


We provide online writing classes for all ages, levels and interests. Our fantasy writing class is an essential study programme for all budding fantasy writers; it guides you through all aspects of fantasy from world building to character development. Taught and delivered by an experienced writing tutor, you’ll also receive one-to-one feedback and assistance that will help you continually improve your craft. 


To take your first steps in fantasy writing, head over to The Writing District site today; our fantasy writing class is perfect for you.


Our Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Class


Here at The Writing District, we offer a Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Class, which will teach you how to create and tell a story about something fictitious, and how you can make it believable to your readers. The duration of the course is six weeks, and it involves three elements in every module – writing stages, story elements and writing exercises. All of these elements are used to help you hone your craft, experiment with new techniques and ultimately, make tangible progress towards your writing goals. 


Our class can fit in with your schedule if you’re a student; you don’t need to be online at any specific time in the day, we let you take our class in your own time. With regular email correspondence, you’ll be able to read all the notes and class content at a time that suits you. There are multiple modules within the fantasy writing class, and each module explores a different element of the fantasy genre and Sci-Fi.


For example, the first module looks at how you can plan your story, idea creation, and how to set goals for your writing. It also touches on how to create characters, and make them resonate with your audience. As you progress through the class, modules will look at writing and re-writing; this means how you can write, edit and refine your fantasy stories step by step. In the fourth module, we’ll take you through getting published and how to pitch, as well as look at creating atmosphere and pace in your story. 


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Have Any Questions For Our Team?


If you are interested in taking the fantasy writing class, then please head over to The Writing District today. We have limited availability on our fantasy writing classes, so you absolutely need to book your place right now.

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Interested in Joining a Fantasy Writing Class?