Mary Hunter Austin Book Award

Posted 18/02/2018 under Writing Contests,
The Mary Hunter Austin Book Award is open until March 31, 2018.
Their preferred genres for nonfiction are: essay collections, prose poetry collections, nature writing, environment, focus on Midwest, Southwest, Plains states, Northwest, Deep South, Rocky or Appalachian Mountains culture (or any strongly place-based culture), woodswoman/woodsman (think Anne Labastille or Thoreau’s Walden), hybrid works, cross-genre, etc.
For fiction, contemporary westerns, mountains culture, southern culture (or other place-based culture – see list above), mystery, spy, speculative fiction, hybrid works, cross-genre, etc., hold a special interest.
Lyric works are especially welcome for fiction and nonfiction. 50 to 300 double-spaced pages.
Although these are the preferred genres, they will look at anything well-written that adheres to the rest of their considerations.
The winner will receive $300, print publication and 10 copies of the book.
Entry Fee: $20
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