Mud Season Review

Mud Season Review are now seeking submissions.

They pay authors $50 for their work.

Fiction: Submit one short story of up to 7,000 words and a brief biography. “We are looking for fully realized stories that remind us of what it means to be human, that take risks, that show us something new, and that stand up over multiple reads, deepening with each encounter.”

Poetry: submit 3-5 poems (up to 10 pages). “We are looking for poems that compelled their own writing, emotion that purifies and intensifies language, point of view that catches us off-guard. We prefer formal verse that can range as widely and think and feel as deeply as free verse; and free verse that still finds ways to put pressure on language.”

For nonfiction, submit one piece of up to 7,000 words and a biography. “We seek nonfiction that bends—but does not break—the genre. We want to see risk-taking with structure, chronology, form, and other elements of nonfiction (save for truth—there’s no messing with that) to tell a richly textured story. A distinctive voice and command of language are musts. We are open to memoir that goes beyond the personal story to engage with larger ideas and broader perspectives as well as thesis-driven personal explorations of scholarly and critical topics.”

They also offer a feedback service for a fee.

All details here.