1. We will publish a photo on this page every week. You can write a piece, using the photo as inspiration.

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Your entry will be automatically entered into our writing prompt contest. We run the contest every two months and the current one will close on September 30, 2019. The prize is an Amazon voucher worth $15. There’s no entry fee, no word limit or limit on the number of entries. Any genre or theme.

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This contest is run in conjunction with Creative Writing Ink, The Writing Quarter and Creative Writing NZ.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to our writing prompts page over the last few months. Deborah Cooper was the December/January winner for ‘The Let-Go’. You can read the winning entry here. Abi Hennig was the winner for February/March for ‘Now you see her’.

Please submit your writing below. Please include the photo in your piece of writing (in your blog post or Facebook page) or the writing prompt photo date, so that we know which prompt you are using.

Creative Writing Ink Prompt August 22nd


Creative Writing Ink Prompt August 14th


Photo by Tom Quandt on Unsplash

Creative Writing Ink Prompt August 8th


Creative Writing Ink Prompt August 1st


Photo by Vale Zmeykov on Unsplash