Trying to Find a Company that Offers Creative Writing Classes for Kids Online?

Are you interested in creative writing classes for kids online? Then you have come to the right place, welcome to The Writing District. We guide writers through a personalised writing journey, helping them improve their writing with dedicated classes for all levels and interests. 


In addition to our classes, we also offer an extensive list of the most recent writing competitions and submission opportunities, as well as our free-to-enter short story competition. Our team includes a number of qualified, expert tutors who will be with you every step of your writing journey from beginning to end. 


To find out more about our creative writing classes for kids online, visit The Writing District website today.


Our Creative Writing Classes for Kids


Here at The Writing District, we run a creative writing class for children, which lasts 6 weeks. It has 6 modules including storytelling, inspiration and ideas, creating characters, worldbuilding, structure and more. This class fits in with a student’s educational schedule as it doesn’t require you to be online at any set time or day. 


You will be able to use weekly notes and assignments to help you with the class, and your personal tutor will read all your assignments, giving you written feedback. Ultimately, the aim of the class is for you to have as much fun and enjoyment as possible writing. 


Therefore, not only will you be able to learn and develop your writing skills, but you’ll also be able to have a great experience. To find out more about our creative writing classes for kids online, go to The Writing District website today. 


What other Classes Do We Offer?


In addition to our creative writing classes for kids online, we also offer a number of other online writing classes for writers of all ages and interests. No matter where you are on your writing journey, we can guide you through your writing learning process from beginning to end. If you are right at the start of your foray into writing, then our beginners creative writing class is ideal for you – it’ll walk you through creating believable characters, writing sharp dialogue that flows, and ending strongly. 


Should you be at a more advanced level, then our advanced creative writing class is ideal for you. This is designed for writers who want to refresh their craft and learn new ways to elevate their writing to the next level. You’ll be receiving indispensable advice from an expert author, and building on your skills as you go along.


Book a Writing Class Today


If you have been searching for creative writing classes for kids online, and you like the sound of what The Writing District has to offer, then you can book our class today. Head over to our website where you’ll find pricing, further information and be able to make a booking. 


Should you have any additional queries, feel free to visit our FAQs page or our How it Works page. You can also view our dedicated cancellation/refund policy via our website too.