Want to Start Your Writing Journey With Beginner Creative Writing Classes?

Always wanted to put pen to paper and realise your personal writing ambitions? Are you looking for somewhere that runs beginner creative writing classes that are both engaging and enjoyable? If you’ve got a wish to learn how to write creatively, then The Writing District is the place for you to come. 


We run dedicated beginners creative writing classes that are designed to give you one-to-one feedback, and guide you through the entire creative writing process, equipping you with all the essential and indispensable skills every good writer has. Contact us via the details below if you have any queries you’d like answered.


The Beginners Creative Writing Class


Every writer has to start somewhere. So, whether you’ve never written a sentence in your life, or you’ve been an avid writer in the past but have fallen behind on your practice, The Writing District has the ideal class for you. We run online beginner creative writing classes aimed at individuals with no previous writing experience, and also those who haven’t written anything for a while and would like to get back into the swing and routine of creative writing. 


Our 6-week long beginners class is ideal for new writers from all walks of life, and all parts of the globe. Wherever you’re based – from the US to the UK – you can take part in our fun, imaginative and stimulating writing class. This class features a number of writing modules, all of which explore a different aspect of creative writing. For example, the first beginners module looks at developing ideas through observation, thought and direction. Other modules include character development, setting and senses, dialogue, structure, and much more. 


To explore the full list of modules on our beginner creative writing class, please go to The Writing District website today. 


About Our Class Tutor 


When you enrol in our beginners writing class, you will be studying under the tutelage of our esteemed tutor, Doreen Duffy. Doreen has an MA in creative writing, and studied at a number of institutions such as Oxford online, UCD & NUIM, and DCU. She has been published in an array of publications including Poetry Ireland Review 129, Beyond Words Literary Magazine, The Galway Review and The Irish Times. 


Alongside this, she won The Jonathan Swift Award and was presented with The Deirdre Purcell Cup at the Maria Edgeworth Literary Festival. As such, you will be in extremely capable and safe hands throughout your time studying in our beginners writing class. For full details about this class including pricing, start date and availability – head to our website today. 


Have Any Questions About Our Classes?


If you are interested in taking beginner creative writing classes from an experienced tutor, then The Writing District has just the right class for you. Should you have any questions about our classes, or would like to learn more about the different writing modules, creative writing assignments or feedback – then please feel free to contact us today via the online enquiry form on our website. 


Leave us a message and The Writing District team will respond to you as quickly as possible. To discover our other classes – from short story writing to advanced creative writing – check out our website today.

Writing Journey With Beginner Creative Writing Classes