Young Ravens Literary Review

The Young Ravens Literary Review are looking for submissions for Issue 12. Theme: Delicious

They say: Ideas we would love to see explored include:

How does deliciousness gel and gem in the memory? Your best day, the transient perfect moment, the shared experience.
How do decadence, restraint and anticipation compete and enrich the experience of the delicious?
Explore the sensory angles of all that is delicious—taste, scent, sound, touch and sight. Bring us with you! Show us each facet in verse and vision.
How does deliciousness grow out of neurodiversity?
What makes literature delicious to you?
Sink into your favorite novel and write a poem that explores one of the character’s perspectives, considering how you can bring their sensory experience more vividly to the page.
How can a relationship with another grow and become delicious, whether platonic or romantic? (*no erotic submissions)

Submit fiction, nonfiction, visual art, and poetry of all flavors, from free verse to found.

Deadline: June 15, 2020

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Young Ravens Literary Review